Moving from San Diego to Vancouver

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    Moving from San Diego to Vancouver

    Trans Canada Movers – Moving from San Diego to Vancouver

    Are you ready to head north of the border and make your new home among the stunning skyline and adventure-loving people of Vancouver, BC? If so, then you’re in for the experience of a lifetime! Vancouver is one of the most welcoming, diverse, and beautiful cities in all of North America, and a top destination for people all over the world. Moving to Canada from San Diego can be quite the trek, and there are a lot of different factors to consider (besides the rainy weather). That’s why you’ll want to travel this road with expert long-distance movers like Trans Canada Movers. Here are a few of the things you’ll need to think about if you’re planning on moving to Vancouver:

    Preparing the Paperwork for your Cross border Move

    If you’re moving to Canada because of a fantastic job opportunity, welcome aboard! Taking a new job in a different country can come with a lot of paperwork, but your future employer may be able to help take the scissors to that red tape. Depending on the nature of your employment, you will likely need to secure a work permit (though not all professions require one). You’ll also need to consider the length of your stay. Are you a temporary worker, or are you planning on applying for permanent residency? It’s a good idea to start preparing the paperwork as soon as you decide you’re moving to Vancouver, so you can be ready for any unexpected delays or hiccups in the process.

    Home, Sweet Home

    Another important factor to consider is living arrangements. Although the Canadian dollar is currently worth less than the US dollar, the cost of living in Vancouver is quite high. In fact, Vancouver has earned the top spot on the list of most expensive housing markets in North America. Yes, even more expensive than LA and neck in neck with the Bay Area. Small studio apartments in downtown Vancouver start at $1,600 per month, and go up from there. Many people choose to live in neighbourhoods outside of the downtown core, or even in one of the cities within transit distance of Vancouver. It’s a good idea to scope out potential neighbourhoods well in advance of your moving date, so you can choose the area and living situation that work best for you.

    Staying Healthy and Happy – Healthcare is different up North

    Vancouver may be a city of fitness fanatics, but adequate medical coverage is still essential. One of the biggest differences between Canada and the US is healthcare. In British Columbia, people who are permanent residents, certain types of students, and holders of specific work permits are eligible for basic coverage under the Medical Services Plan of BC (better known as MSP). You should apply for MSP as soon as you arrive in Vancouver, since coverage can take up to 90 days to go into effect. While you’re waiting, you can choose from a variety of travel insurance policies that are geared towards ensuring newcomers to Canada stay healthy. Not all travel insurance is created equal, so before you cross the border, be sure to research the various options and coverages available.

    While you’re sorting out the details of your exciting new life in Canada, leave the moving to us! Trans Canada Movers is proud to be your expert on cross-border and long-distance moves. If you have any questions, or are looking for a quote, feel free to get in touch. The true North strong and free is waiting!

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