8 Things To Do Before A Long-Distance Move

Things to do before a long-distance move

Moving is exciting! Be it down the road, a new city or country! Moving all your belongings from one place to another is hard work, and so is relocating your life in general. However, when the countdown starts, you may have an endless list of action items/ Don’t worry about getting overwhelmed by your to-do list! Having a list to refer to, to keep track of the outstanding items, can be very helpful. After all, we all love the feel-good moment of making a big green checkmark against those items you have been able to get done.

To help break down the big move into manageable chunks, here is our checklist of eight things to do before you move to keep on track.

Ready… Steady…Move!

  1. Start sooner rather than later by creating a one-stop-shop for moving. In Google Drive, create a folder called ‘Moving’ where you can save and locate important documents (like this list). Remember to save things like important files, quotes for moving services, receipts, and other records.
  2. Create a calendar and set a moving date. Having a visual of how long you have till the moving day will allow you to work backward to see what needs to be done and when, which helps to put things in perspective. Some things will take longer than others, and involve other moving pieces (excuse the pun) with other things and people needing to be involved. Our very own Weekly Moving Planner may help you prioritize what you need to do and when.
  3. Create an inventory sheet of all your valuables before they leave your sight! Also, keep a private list of which boxes you packed your valuables in and make sure you have appropriate insurance for the move. For your convenience, Trans Canada Movers has labels you can print out here which should keep things organized! 
  4. Make time for friends and relatives before moving day. Make memories and capture the special moments you have with them enjoying this quality time together! One last dinner party before you hit the road? It doesn’t have to be elaborate to do the trick.
  5. Plan a garage sale and donate anything left that you couldn’t sell. Less is more; getting rid of things that you don’t need will make packing up that little bit easier.
  6. Have kids? Be sure to request transcripts from their old school and for their new school when registering for their new school. Regardless of how far you are moving, the new school your child attends will need these. Arrive prepared so your children don’t get delayed in starting school.
  7. Gather all financial and legal records in one place. Including things like birth certificates and passports, along with additional copies of each of these, for everyone in your home. Carry these important documents on you during your move. You should also compile medical, dental, and optical records for everyone in your home. Remember to update your voter registration!
  8. With all this talk of moving, let’s kick it into action. Instead of spending lots of money on cardboard boxes, visit local stores to collect their unwanted boxes. This saves you some money and takes the boxes of their hands. Win, win! 

We hope this list will provide some visibility on action items before the big move. If you need advice, or want some of the stress of moving taken off your hands; Contact the experts! Here at Trans Canada Movers we are on hand to help and streamline the process for you. Happy Moving! If you have any questions, you can contact us here or call us at 1 (888) 433-1335.

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