Heading North: Moving from Portland to Vancouver

Making the Move from Portland OR to Vancouver BC A lot of people who work in Portland are already living in Vancouver, Vancouver Washington state that is. But if you are getting ready to make the move from Portland to Vancouver BC, read on. Perched between towering mountain peaks and the sparkling sea, Vancouver is a […]

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Manners maketh the Move

Proper Etiquette for Moving Day My Gran used to tell me, “manners maketh man” in her lilting Scottish accent. Her general point was that it never hurts to be polite and often makes things go a lot smoother. Let’s face it, moving is stressful and possibly even emotional if you are leaving friends and neighbours […]

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The Five hardest things to move!

Some items of items that can be harder for movers to move. When it comes to moving there are simply a few things that are harder than others. Some might say that the heavier the item, the harder it will be and while there is unquestionably some truth to this, the facts go beyond this […]

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Packing Your Kitchen for the Long Move

We get it, moving can be an unpleasant experience. Even worse? A long move requiring more advanced planning and more careful packing. Whatever your reasons for a long move, we’ve got some tips and tricks to help it go as smoothly as possible. Preparing for Packing Before you even start packing, go through your things […]

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Trans Canada Movers – How to Move Safely in Winter

Read Our Top 7 Strategies for Safer Moves in Winter Moving is stressful at the best of times, and to many people, adding winter weather into the mix sounds like a recipe for disaster. It’s colder, it’s darker, and it’s wetter. If you’re in the Lower Mainland, you’ll need to be prepared for rain or […]

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Things Movers Cannot Move

Some Surprising Items Can be Found on the No-Move List If you’ve ever changed the location of your home base, you know that professional movers can make the difference between a smooth move and an exceptionally stressful experience. From packing to careful transportation and delivery, choosing to hire a reputable moving company gives you the […]

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The Minimalist Move: Decluterring For An Easier Move

Minimalist Moving Tips – Simplify your Move! While normal moves can be stressful, moving internationally across borders or for long distances can be even more difficult. This is especially true given the more stuff that you have. It is incredible how our possessions seem to multiply. Add kids and pets and it can quadruple before […]

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Moving from Vancouver Canada to Seattle

Tips for Moving to Seattle from Canada Are you considering moving from Vancouver to Seattle? From beautiful rainy city to beautiful rainy city? Although the cities are only two and a half hours drive away from one another, there is a lot to consider with your move. Although the cities are similar in some ways […]

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