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Heading to the USA? Whether it’s for work, family, or the allure of the American Dream, we’re here to make your move effortless. With Trans Canada Movers, you can expect:

  • Comprehensive Care: You can rest easy knowing your belongings cross the border and reach your new American home safely and efficiently.
  • Trusted Experience: Leverage our 25+ years of experience for a move that’s on-time and respects your budget.
  • Specialized Expertise: We’ll guide you through the complexities of cross-border moving, with detailed planning that addresses every intricate detail from logistics to customs.
  • Quality Service: From meticulous planning to execution, our team of professional moving consultants is committed to delivering the exceptional service you deserve.

Don’t let uncertainties get in the way! Our Moving Calculator simplifies the planning process by providing a reliable size estimate and a transparent quote for a stress-free move. Move confidently into your new journey in the USA.

Let Trans Canada Movers Handle Your Move to America

Every move is unique, and not all moving companies are created equal. When planning a move from Canada to the USA, choose a company that understands your needs to ensure a seamless moving experience.

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Rules & Regulations for Moving to the USA

Ensuring a smooth transition to the USA starts by preparing your cross-border documents properly. All shipments of household goods and personal effects entering the United States must utilize the Department of Homeland Security and Border Protection Form No. 3299 (Declaration for Free Entry of Articles Not Accompanying a Resident or Non-Resident).

Serving as the primary document for your cross-border move, the 3299 form is critical in ensuring your household goods and personal belongings enter the States without issues. Failure to complete this document properly in advance can result in issues at the border that can prove costly.

Avoid common pitfalls by using our step-by-step video guide, designed to navigate you through this essential document seamlessly.

Avoiding Complications
If the 3299 form is deemed incomplete or non-compliant, the shipment may be turned back at the border or risk being held in bond. A shipment marked in bond at the destination may need to be unloaded into a bonded warehouse until the paperwork is approved which can result in additional fees incurred for storage and re-delivery.

This situation can easily be avoided by filling out the form well ahead of your move and having one of our experienced moving consultants guide you through the process.

Moving to the USA: What Can I Bring?

Used household goods and personal effects being imported into the United States are allowed duty-free entry, provided they meet certain conditions:

  • Personal Use: Items cannot be for resale or for the use of others.
  • Prior Usage: Articles must be used by you for at least a year abroad (outside the USA) as part of your household.
  • Non-Continuous Use: The one-year usage period doesn’t need to be the year directly before moving, nor does it have to be uninterrupted. For example, a BBQ grill used for two years out of three in Canada qualifies, excluding shipping time.
  • Prohibited Articles: The shipment does not contain any prohibited articles deemed by the US CBP; Any articles deemed to have applicable duties must be declared on the appropriate paperwork when preparing your customs documents.

We understand the specifics of planning a cross-border move can seem burdensome and involved. Our experienced team of moving consultants is here to help make this process as smooth and straightforward as possible. Feel free to contact us for answers to any of your questions about the cross-border moving process.

Unsure? Consult American Customs

Trans Canada Movers strives to provide up-to-date information and detailed assistance. However, rules and regulations can change, we encourage everyone looking at duty-free entry of their goods into the US to visit the US CBP website for up-to-date information on shipping rules and regulations.

If you have specific questions concerning specific items in your move, we recommend discussing predictability and duty implications [if applicable] with the U.S. Consulate or Border Agents before you begin the move. Only an authorized U.S. Government representative can provide definitive answers on how a unique item may be handled for duty or import into the United States.

For general inquiries and common questions, we’ve got you covered. Feel free to contact our team of experienced professionals for help in planning your cross-border move!

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