Popular Moving Routes

Over the past twenty years, Trans Canada Movers has moved our customers across North America. Our commitment to making long and short distance moves easy and stress-free has established us as one of the best moving companies. We specialize in both local and long-distance moves.

Local Moves

We know your neighbourhoods as well as you do and we know the best routes to make your most as fast and simple as possible. We give you the same care and quality as you’d receive when moving across the country.

Long Distance Moves

Whether it’s a residential move or a commercial relocation – long-distance moves are our specialty. We’ve built our business on knowing how to move our customers over 100 kilometres or 62 miles. We know the safest routes and roads. We’ll assist you with the essential information you’ll need regarding international regulations, and provide guidance on what you can and cannot bring over the border. Check here to understand the forms and documents you’ll need to complete and carry with you during your move.

The Trans Canada Movers Promise

Over 20 years of moving experience means that we’ve got moving down to a science, with the professionalism you’d expect from a long-distance mover. We follow the ‘Good Practice Guidelines for Canadian Movers’, which are guidelines that ensure that we enhance the industry reputation, maintain your trust, and have a clear process in place for doing the best possible moves.

With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and membership with the International Association of Movers, we promise you that our service delivery is unparalleled. Scroll to learn more about the top routes that we provide, and see what sets us apart in your long-distance moving experience.

Routes to Vancouver, BC (From USA)

Moving from Seattle, Washington

Moving from Portland, Oregon

Moving From San Francisco, California

Moving from Arizona

Moving from Irvine, California

Moving from San Jose, California

Moving from Idaho

Routes From Vancouver, BC (To USA)

Moving to San Francisco, California

Moving to Portland, Oregon

Moving to Seattle, Washington

Moving to Miami, Florida

Moving to Arizona

Moving to Irvine, California

Moving to San Jose, California

Moving to Los Angeles, California

Moving to San Diego, California

Moving to Sacramento, California

Moving to Texas

Routes (Canada)

Moving to/from Surrey, BC

Moving to/from Burnaby, BC

Moving to/from Richmond, BC

Moving to/from North Vancouver, BC

Moving to/from Victoria, BC

Moving to/from Kelowna, BC

Moving to/from Nanaimo, BC

Moving to/from Kamloops, BC

Moving to/from Chilliwack, BC

Moving to/from Edmonton, Alberta

Moving to/from Calgary, Alberta

Moving to Toronto, Ontario

Moving to Montreal, Quebec

Moving to Ottawa, Ontario

Moving to Quebec City, Quebec

Routes (USA)

Moving from Montreal to New York

Moving from New York to Montreal

Moving to Chicago, Illinois from Canada

Moving to Washington, DC

Moving to Boston, Massachusetts 

Moving to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Moving to Atlanta, Georgia

Moving to New Jersey

Moving to California

Moving to Idaho

Moving to Cincinnati, Ohio

Moving to Detroit

Our Commitment to You

Trans Canada Movers’ commitment is so strong that we also make sure our process is clear throughout the entire move so that you are in the know. Your stress-free experience includes:

  1. Estimate of Costs: Know how much you’re spending before you spend it.
  2. Schedule: Timing is critical, and your time is precious. We respect that.
  3. Confirmation: We’ll double-check to make sure we’ve caught what you need.
  4. Moving Supplies: A headache to say the least. We’ll save you the trouble.
  5. Packing: Save yourself time and labour.
  6. Moving: This is all the heavy lifting: exactly what you’ve hired us for.
  7. Unpacking and setup: Life doesn’t feel like it can move on until everything is unpacked and in its proper place. We’ll make sure this part is fast and painless for you.

Our commitment to your stress-less experience is our goal. We’ll be with you every step of the way regardless of where you’re going. Book your move today!

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