Forms and Documents

Trans Canada Movers Inc. would like to make your moving as easy as possible. Therefore we have prepared some documents that might be helpful.

Documents for Canada and US Customs

US 3299 – 2020 Update – Declaration for Free Entry of Articles Not Accompanying a Resident or Non-Resident.

Declaration Form – Required by US Customs Officers for both moving from Canada or to Canada.

Moving Back to Canada – A guide from Canada Customs and Revenue Agency about an overview of the laws, restrictions, and entitlements that affect people returning to resume residence in Canada.

Value Declaration – When a customer wants to purchase extra liability coverage for their goods, this is the form that should be filled out.

Documents About Moving

Weekly Moving Planner – A 7 weeks, weekly guide about things you should do for a well-organized move.

How to Pack? – Tips on how to pack certain items for a safe move.

Moving Tips – General tips about moving.

Moving Check List – A checklist of items that you should take with you during your move.

Moving Labels – Packing labels that you can print out from your laser or ink-jet printer.
Please use Avery Standard Shipping Labels #5264.

Claim Form – Our claim form to use in case of damage to your belongings.

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