Moving From USA to Canada

The Best Way to Move to Canada

So, you’re moving to Canada. Firstly, we’d like to congratulate you on your excellent choice! We may be a bit biased but here at Trans-Canada Movers, we think Canada is an amazing place to live and we look forward to assisting with your move here. We’ve compiled some of the information you’ll need to know before you pack up and cross the border right here for you.

We love your questions – feel free to contact us at any time, or use our weight calculator for a custom moving quote.

We Specialize in Moves from the USA to Canada

We at Trans-Canada Movers are highly experienced in helping Americans, returning Canadians, and others move to Canada from the continental United States. No matter if you’re coming up the West Coast from California, Oregon, or Washington, or moving from New York City to Montreal, we can help you move from your old home to your new one in Canada stress and worry-free.

As your goods and family possessions will be crossing an international border, there’s some paperwork that will need to be filled out and some questions to ask about the items you’re moving—certainly more than would be asked for a local move. Don’t worry, we have helped thousands of families move to Canada and we’ve gotten pretty good at it so we’ll be able to help you get through with minimal fuss. We’ll be working with you every step of the way to make sure you’re informed as to what needs to be done and when, documentation you need to have with you, and provide you with simple advice to help make your move as smooth as possible. If you, for example, have hunting firearms, we’ll help you know which ones are okay to bring and which ones you’ll need to leave behind.

Our team of logistics experts, professional movers, and our modern fleet of specialty vehicles ensure that we can move you, your family, and even your business smoothly and stress-free.

Getting Started on Your Move to Canada

Once you have contacted us, we will work with you to develop an accurate estimate of what you want to take with you to Canada. We have an online calculator that can help speed up this process. Our experience working with families and businesses across North America enables us to quickly and accurately identify the size and weight or the move so you’ll be adequately prepared in regards to your moving budget.

As soon as you’ve decided on what you’ll be bringing with you, we can give you a price and start working on the documentation needed to get across the border and ensure everything goes smoothly. On moving day, you can expect our crew to show up on time and coordinate with you to make sure any last-minute details are taken care of.

If you contacted us to help with the packing, we’ll be there with the supplies and care needed to get your items safely packed up for the move. If you’ve already packed and are ready to go, we’ll start loading your things onto the truck. Once loaded, we will head towards the border crossing nearest to your new location in Canada.

As both Canada and the United States are vast countries, your move may take some time. The drive from Seattle to Vancouver may be an easy day trip, but depending on the move, it may take up to three days. You can trust our trucks and drivers with these long-haul journeys; our drivers are among the best in the industry, with an impeccable record for safety and on-time delivery.

Arriving at Your New Home in Canada

Once the truck has arrived at your new home in Canada, we’ll get it unpacked quickly and efficiently. We’ll also help you unpack and assemble your furniture, kitchen appliances, and anything else you’ve brought with you if you’ve requested it. Our goal is to make your move to Canada a great way of starting what will hopefully be an excellent experience for you. Welcome to Canada, eh!

Get started on your move from the USA to Canada with a free quote here, or give us a call at (604) 540-4109.

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