Storage and Packing

Sometimes a move involves more than you have time for and you need a helping hand. Sometimes the time you need to leave you current home, and the time you will move into your new home simply don’t meet up. Trans Canada Movers can help with more than just the moving.

Storage & Packing

Can Trans Canada Movers help if I need temporary storage?

You have sold your place and had a date you need to be out, but the time you take possession of your new location is a month later, or you need to do some work on the new place before moving in. Trans Canada Movers can help with that. We store your belongings in our warehouse at a reasonable cost until you are ready for your delivery. Our main facility is at our Head Quarters in Vancouver where our dry, heated indoor storage will keep your precious possessions safe. Our warehouse facilities are clean, well-protected with security cameras, armed with digital alarm technology, heated and well lighted.

Even better, we do not charge storage fees for up to 4 weeks starting from your pickup date. After four weeks, you will be charged a small amount depending on your shipment’s weight. Please contact our office for further details.

Trans Canada Movers can help you pack.

An affordable and time saving added service we provide is help with packing. For a very reasonable fee, Trans Canada Movers can help you save time and meet your moving date with our professional packing team helping you out.  You can ask us to pack everything, only select items that are large, awkward or fragile, or anything in between. Our professional movers are experts at how to pack things efficiently and safely, so they will not be damaged. If disassembly is required, they have the skills, tools and experience to take furniture and larger items apart the right way and reassemble them at the destination.

When we pack we use the right size boxes, professional moving blankets, and if required even custom designed and built crates to make sure your family’s goods stay safe and undamaged.

Save a tree!! Use recycled cardboard boxes when you move.

We know most of our customers are concerned about the environment and want to help mother nature when they can. Trans Canada Movers takes an innovative approach to providing low-cost, earth-friendly moving boxes. We buy back second-hand used boxes from past clients, from other moving companies, or simply from recycling firms.

Many people think using a cardboard box once and sending it to the traditional recyclers is the most responsible way to help the environment. In fact, most boxes that are sent to recycler are prematurely terminated! The process of recycling cardboard boxes requires lots of energy, chemicals, and emissions that have a negative impact on our environment not to mention all the trees that still have to be cut down to make new boxes.
We feel strongly that is it better to reuse a cardboard box at least once before it is sent to a traditional recycler. This way you save money and the environment!

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