Making the Move from Portland, OR to Vancouver, BC

Vancouver water view at night of BC Place and Science World

A lot of people who work in Portland are already living in Vancouver; Vancouver, Washington state that is. However, you may be looking for opportunities a little further north. If you are getting ready to make the move from Portland to Vancouver BC, read on.

Perched between towering mountain peaks and the sparkling sea, Vancouver is a Canadian city that’s adventurous to the core. It actually has quite a lot in common with Portland, like incredible craft breweries, epic eateries, beautiful bike trails, and a rich, vibrant culture. Relocating to a different country can be difficult, and involves many different considerations (like remembering the difference between miles per hour and kilometres per hour) but when you choose Trans Canada Movers, you’ll get the kind of expertise and international knowledge that makes moving to Vancouver as quick and easy as possible. With move-related concerns covered, let’s take a look at a few other things you’ll want to keep in mind when moving to Vancouver:

Bringing Your Car to Canada

Although driving your car from Portland to Vancouver for a visit is a simple and straightforward matter, importing your vehicle when moving to Vancouver is a little more complicated. Canada has strict regulations around the importation of vehicles, and there’s a wealth of information available on how to do it quickly and effectively. To find out if your vehicle qualifies, the first step is checking out the list of makes and models that are eligible for import. Remember, things like recalls and modifications may affect whether or not your vehicle can be imported. Once all the paperwork is completed, the only thing you’ll have to do is adjust to speed limits posted in kilometres per hour!

You’re Hired! Employment, Permits, and More

Are you moving to Vancouver for a job? If you’ve already got a great opportunity lined up, your employer can often help with the paperwork that inevitably comes with getting a job in a different country. You’ll need to consider things like work permits (since not all professions require them), whether you’re going to be a permanent resident or temporary worker, and timelines. Like anything else, it’s a great idea to plan ahead when completing the paperwork! For more information, be sure to consult the “Work in Canada” section of the Canadian government’s website.

Getting Health Coverage in British Columbia

One of the biggest differences between Canada and the US is health coverage. In British Columbia, residents receive basic coverage under a provincial health plan, called the Medical Services Plan (MSP). MSP is available to permanent residents, as well as certain students and holders of specific temporary work permits. It’s a good idea to apply for MSP as soon as you arrive, as it can take up to 90 days to receive coverage. In the meantime, there are various travel insurance options available for newcomers to Canada to ensure you stay happy and healthy during your first few months here.

Ready to get moving? Contact Trans Canada Movers today! We specialize in cross-border moves and are here to help make moving to Vancouver as smooth, easy, and stress-free as possible. Welcome to your new home!

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