Moving from New York to Montreal

A view of buildings in the Plateau Montreal and Mile-End with a Leonard Cohen memorial mural on one of the buildings.

Congratulations on deciding to make the move to Montreal, Quebec. When moving from New York to Montreal, you can look forward to living in a relaxed city with world-class culture, education, and cuisine. Montreal is one of the liveliest cities in Canada and an exciting place to live. Here is your guide for making the move from New York to Montreal as smooth as possible.

The Differences between New York and Montreal

Moving from the United States to Canada is a huge transition, even though the two countries are next-door neighbours. However, you’re not just moving to Canada, you’re moving to Quebec, which has its unique cultural values being the province which is primarily Francophone. Here are some of the major differences you’ll find living in Montreal as an American.

  • French Language. While Canada is a bilingual country, Quebec is the place where you’re expected to be able to speak French. You’ll likely have to have an intermediate grasp on the language to get a job and make friends within the city. Montreal has its dialect of French and you’ll soon be picking up specific terminology like “guichet”, which is an ATM, and greeting people with the classic “Bonjour-Hi”.
  • Less Expensive. You’ll be amazed at the cost of living in Montreal. While you may be used to paying a lot for a fairly small apartment in New York, you’ll find that your (Canadian) dollar goes further in Montreal. As of November 2023, the average rent of a 1-bedroom apartment in Montreal was $1589.
  • Life on Two Wheels. Like New York, Montreal has an excellent public transit system. However, the preferred Montreal method of transport is via bicycle. Enjoy exploring the city – and getting in some exercise – on Montreal’s well-trodden bike paths.
  • Canada at Your Fingertips. Coming from the USA, you’ll likely be curious to explore the new country that you’re living in. Luckily, some of the best spots in Canada are within a few hours’ drive or train ride from Montreal. Spend the weekend on Ottawa’s Parliament Hill or in the sprawling metropolis of Toronto, Canada’s largest city. You can also experience the wonders of Niagara Falls or the culture of Quebec City without travelling too far.

While there are so many exciting things to look forward to during your move, you need to remember – when making a cross-country move, you need to make sure that you’re filling out the correct documentation so that you don’t have to deal with any additional stress. See more about moving from USA to Canada here.

Exciting Montreal Neighborhoods

Coming from New York, you know that the area that you live in can make a huge difference in your experience living in a city. Much like NYC, Montreal is a city with many unique neighbourhoods – there’s something for everyone! Some of the neighbourhoods that we at Trans Canada Movers recommend include:

  • Craving a cool arts and culture scene, with something new to do around every corner? Plateau-Mont-Royal could be your place. Filled with students, artists, and culture-lovers, you’ll love all of the public parks, the delicious food, and cultural experiences.
  • Those with families, or those who just need a little more of a slower pace, will thrive in Outremont. Outremont is central, meaning you can easily pop into other areas for a taste of that city life while living in a relaxed and refreshing area. If you have children, you’ll love the high-quality of schools in the area.
  • If you’re looking for nightlife, The Village is the place to be. Filled with pubs, clubs, restaurants, and more, life in the Village never sleeps. However, it does feature a gorgeous view of the St. Lawrence River and is known for a friendly atmosphere.
  • Art aficionados will go wild for Quartier des Spectacles, an area rich with art, history, and events. Known for top-of-the-line arts and entertainment, this is truly the centre of Montreal’s creative scene.

There are so many incredible neighbourhoods to choose from, and you’re never far from the incredible atmosphere that permeates life in Montreal. Every neighbourhood has something incredible that makes it a wonderful place to live.

The Best Things About Montreal

Once you’ve selected where you want to live – and marvelled at the cost of the apartments compared to what you’ll get in New York City – you have so much exploring to look forward to in Montreal. Here are some of the things that locals can’t get enough of in Montreal.

  • World-Class Cuisine. That’s right, you’ll be just as spoiled for choice in Montreal as you are in New York for delicious cuisines. Make sure that you try Canada’s national dish, poutine, which consists of French fries, gravy and cheese curds, from La Banquise. Also, make sure to try the Montreal Smoked Meat sandwich from Schwartz’s Deli.
  • Farmer’s Market Culture. Forget the grocery store; Montreal is home to some incredible farmer’s markets where you can pick up fresh fruits, vegetables, and local delicacies. Little Italy’s Jean-Talon is one of the most famous open-air markets, but check out Atwater and Maisonneuve as well.
  • Incredible Festivals. Every season is a festival season when you visit Montreal; there is always something happening within the city. Music lovers will go wild for Osheaga, comedy lovers flock from around North America for the Just for Laughs festival, and everyone loves all the street festivals that take place throughout the summer.
  • Breathtaking Architecture. Montreal has some of the most stunning architecture that you’ll find in North America. You’ll find new gems on every corner, but some favourites are the stately Centaur Theatre, the distinct James-Fairies building in the historic Old Montreal district, and Crew Collective, a café located within an old bank building.

Best Montreal to New York Moving Company

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