Your Guide to Moving to Columbus, Ohio

downtown of Columbus, Ohio

So, you’re planning to move to Columbus, Ohio. Whether you’re moving for a new job, a change of scenery, or looking to take advantage of the low cost of living, Columbus has something to offer everyone. With endless outdoor activities, amazing foods to try, and friendly neighbourhoods, it’s easy to see why Columbus is known as one of the best places to live in the Midwest.If you’re ready to get moving to Columbus, Ohio, let Trans Canada Movers give you a hand to make the process as easy as possible.

If you’re coming from Canada, we can help you get all of the documentation you’ll need to have ready, as well as provide you with our guide for moving from Canada to the USA. Of course, we’ve also got the ultimate guide to your new city right here to help you learn a bit more. Keep reading to find out about some of the activities you can take part in when you get to Columbus, Ohio as well as learn about some of the neighbourhoods you could potentially live in.


Why Move to Columbus, Ohio

There are many great reasons to move to Columbus, Ohio, depending on what your interests are. From sports fans to foodies, everyone can find something to love about this great city. We’ve compiled a few reasons for you here.

  • A Testing Market. If you like being the first to know about new things, you’ll love that Columbus is a famous testing market for new food and retail items. From fast food to some retail corporations, residents get to try new items ahead of the rest of the country. 
  • Plenty of Outdoor Space. With over 350 parks in the Columbus area, outdoor enthusiasts won’t have a hard time getting into nature. Stop and smell the roses in over 400 varieties at the Columbus Park of Roses or have a picnic lunch in Glen Echo Park. Your outdoor options are endless in Columbus.
  • Sports Galore. Hockey fans rejoice, Columbus has its own NHL team, the Columbus Blue Jackets. It also has a minor league baseball team and a national premier soccer league team. The state itself has two MLB and NFL teams apiece as well as its own NBA team. In short, you’ll have a team to cheer on for just about every sport.
  • Festivals and Events. Throughout the year you can find a number of festivals and events in the city. From The Doo Dah Parade to one of the largest Pride events in the Midwest and the Ohio State Fair, there’s plenty to keep you entertained in Columbus.


The Best Areas to Live in Columbus

With a relatively low cost of living, diverse neighbourhood options, and public transit that covers most of the city, it’s hard to narrow down the best area to live in Columbus. We’ve managed to list some of the more notable ones below for you.

  • Downtown was once primarily for business but has now become a residential centre as well. Here you’ll find condos, townhouses, and high-rises in close proximity to work and an urban lifestyle. 
  • The Short North is the premier arts district and includes Victorian Village north of downtown as well as Italian Village to the northeast. Of course, the style of homes you’ll find in this neighbourhood includes historic Victorians. If you like the arts, this neighbourhood hosts the Gallery Hop the first weekend of every month where you can wander through galleries, exhibits, and installations throughout the neighbourhoods.
  • German Village, located south of downtown, is mostly red brick homes and red brick streets. This low key neighbourhood is home to Schiller Park which has a recreation centre, tennis courts, and a stage for a few Shakespeare plays every summer. It is also quite close to the brewery district.
  • Franklinton borders the Scioto River and is located west of downtown. The area is part residential, part revitalized industrial. If you’re looking for a quiet day out with the family, the COSI science museum is located in this neighbourhood. 


What Locals Love About Columbus, Ohio

If you’re not yet convinced that Columbus is the city for you, we’ve rounded up a few things the locals love about their city here.

  • The Easton Town Center is a one-stop shopping destination with dozens of shops and restaurants. It’s easy to turn a trip here into a whole day with this indoor-outdoor shopping centre that is designed to look like a small town. It also offers live comedy and a movie theatre.
  • A diverse food scene in Columbus is every foodie’s dream. No matter what you are craving, you’re sure to find it in the city. From seafood to oversized hamburgers, over 40 different types of hot dogs, and hand crafted donuts. When we say you’ll find any food here, we mean it!
  • The world-class beer scene pairs nicely with all of the food offerings in Columbus. With nearly 50 breweries to choose from, even the choosiest of beer drinkers is sure to find a pint or two they love. There’s even a helpful Columbus Ale Trail map to get you started.
  • It isn’t hard to go green in the city. While Columbus is still a car town, getting around via public transit isn’t a chore like it can be in other cities. The public transport system covers major areas of the city and even has a free commuter bus, known as the Cbus, helping residents in German Village and the Short North get to and from downtown. If you do decide to drive, the average commute time is around 20 minutes.


Get Moving to Columbus, Ohio, with Trans Canada Movers

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