Relocating to Vancouver, BC from San Francisco

Beautiful Vancouver. One of the few places in the world where you can see the water’s edge on one horizon and the mountain ranges on the other. The city is slightly dense: street blocks filled with high-rises and vast amounts of greenery. Everything from the affluent communities near the west side of the city, to the more casual and diverse pockets around Vancouver’s various regions. There is certainly appeal to living in Vancouver.

However, moving to Vancouver BC can not only be exciting but frustrating at times, as the choices are endless. Primarily because there are so many distinct neighbourhoods in Vancouver making it difficult to decide. Here are some favourite neighbourhoods to help kickstart your search:

  • Downtown. Classic city vibes. Often, the downtown core can create the illusion of a bigger city, but living here you can be sure that there are always a couple beaches and parks just minutes away.
  • Gastown. Casual and hip for the techies and tourists. Paved with cobblestones and lined with boutique shops, this is a favourite for the fact that it is also home to many unique restaurants.
  • Chinatown. Cultural preservation is at the heart of this neighbourhood.  Embellished streets with Chinese symbols and art, you can clearly notice that heritage is important to the people living in this area.

These three neighbourhoods are just a taste of the diversity that Vancouver has to offer. Some other popular neighbourhoods include: False Creek, Yaletown, Railtown, Fairview, South Granville, Coal Harbour, Kitsilano, and many more.

How Expensive is it to Live in Vancouver

After researching through each Vancouver neighbourhood, it’s certain you will have questions. Most pressing of your questions should be: how expensive is it to live in Vancouver? There are some crucial factors you’ll want to consider when making a decision:

  • Cost of Housing. Vancouver is an expensive city and the price tends to be emphasized the closer you live to the ocean. Picking the right neighbourhood is crucial and there are a lot to choose from. Everything from the well-to-do neighbours on the west, to the more working-class neighbourhoods on the interior and east side of Vancouver.
  • Drive or Public Transit? You will have to decide to use a car or switch to bikes and public transit.  Be aware of your new job’s parking options, or public parking locations in the city. Additionally, do your research on the region’s public transit provider: TransLink. Get in tune with the different zones, and costs associated with their different services.
  • Hire Professional Local Movers. Moving is expensive enough. Knowing the average cost of a moving company can help you give a better idea of what you can expect to spend. To help you out, be sure to get a complimentary quote by using our moving calculator. Just fill in the information and we’ll get back to you with an estimate.

While the moving calculator is just a start, there is plenty more we can do to help! To help make your relocation stress free and seamless, we provide more than just moving:

  • Temporary StorageSpace is at a premium in Vancouver. It is possible you will downsize and will need temporary storage. With Trans Canada Movers, we’ll save you the stress of finding temporary short-term storage by using storage facilities of our own.  With us, storage and transportation are streamlined and made easy for you.
  • Disassembly and Assembly –We are the experts on properly disassembling your larger furniture apart and re-assembling them back to how we found them. This is a service you will want to utilize when it comes to moving out of the narrow house in San Francisco, to your new space-efficient home in Vancouver.
  • Knowledge of Most Efficient Routes  – Vancouver’s city streets and alleys are narrow. They’re even slimmer when it comes to more rural and suburban areas. Layered with that, the city is riddled with a system of bike lanes and one-way/two-way streets. Working with Trans Canada Movers means you won’t have to decode the maze and you’ll save time, money, and stress.

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