A Guide to Moving to Silicon Valley

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If you’re considering joining the ranks of those that have made the move to Silicon Valley, you’re probably someone who either works or wants to work in the tech sector. Running from the shores of the San Francisco Bay all the way inland to San Jose, Silicon Valley is filled with tech companies like Apple, Facebook, and eBay as well as startups hoping to become the next great company. Home to millionaires, billionaires, and those wanting to become the same, Silicon Valley can feel quite intimidating upon arrival. Luckily, we’ve provided you with this helpful guide to assist you in settling into your new home easily. Keep reading for our top tips and things to know about this region.


What Cities Make Up Silicon Valley?

The area known as Silicon Valley was once farmland and orchards before slowly transforming into a manufacturing and blue-collar hub after World War II. The name comes from the many companies in the area that manufacture computer chips, like Intel and HP. Initially, Silicon Valley was just the Santa Clara Valley but has since expanded to include more than two dozen cities of which no one can fully agree. It doesn’t really matter what communities exactly make up Silicon Valley, as undoubtedly the region will expand further as tech companies move out in search of more affordable office space. In short, you can safely assume that anything from the Bay Area to San Jose is likely considered Silicon Valley.


Worth Knowing if You’re New to the Area

  • If you’re coming from a large city such as Toronto or Vancouver, you’ll find Silicon Valley is actually kind of small. It’s a thoroughly suburban area with not much identifying one city from the next as you drive through. You will find pockets of urban spaces like San Jose and Palo Alto but if you’re coming from a big city, expect a slower pace.


  • That’s not to say Silicon Valley is all work and no play, however. The Bay offers water sports as well as mountains and parks for hiking and biking. Getting to the great outdoors in your time off is just a short drive away. You’ll likely need a car here, but there are public transit options available.


  • Due to the size of Silicon Valley, you’ll find that the overall climate is sunny and generally warm but, depending on where you end up, you could experience nice moderate temperatures or something more arid the further inland you are. While earthquakes are common, most are too small to actually be felt.


  • If you’re moving with your family and have school-aged children, Silicon Valley has a number of great schools to send them to. From preschool to university, the area has many terrific public and private schools for you to find the right one for your family.


The Benefits of Living and Working in Silicon Valley

In addition to the great weather and plethora of outdoor activities, Silicon Valley has some interesting benefits that come with living and working in the region. We’ve listed some for you here.

  • Endless opportunities. Thanks to the blend of startups and well-established tech companies, you’ll have a lot of employment options and be able to gather all sorts of experience while you find your ideal workplace. 
  • Great connections. The very nature of Silicon Valley tends to attract the best and brightest people; you among them. You’ll meet all sorts of smart people in Silicon Valley. While this might feel like added job competition, you’ll be able to share ideas, learn new perspectives, and find mentors much easier than you would anywhere else.
  • Out-of-the-box work perks. If you’ve landed a job at one of the big tech companies, you’ll likely find that your company benefits extend beyond the standard healthcare and vacation packages. Employees at Google enjoy free meals and drinks at roughly 30 cafes across their main campus, while Facebook employees can take advantage of onsite healthcare, subsidized daycare, and unlimited sick days.


Start Your Move to Silicon Valley With Us

Silicon Valley is, admittedly, not for everyone. But for those who dream of making it big in the tech space and making a name for themselves, it can be a great place to cut your teeth. Therefore, you need to focus on important things like getting settled into your new career and home. Leave the moving details to Trans Canada Movers. 

We’ll take care of all of the cross-border moving logistics and paperwork for you. We are experts in long-distance moves to California and will transport everything you’re taking with you safely and securely. Get your free quote with our helpful moving calculator or contact us to get started. Silicon Valley awaits!

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