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5 Common Moving Mistakes That Cost You

Common moving mistakes to avoid

There are many things you have to worry about when planning a move. Here are five common mistakes we see often enough that you need to remember to save your wallet and your sanity.

Forgetting to contact service providers

This can end up causing you to be on the hook paying for services that you didn’t use.

You can contact service providers like cable, hydro gas as soon as you anticipate your move and provide them with a final date of service. This allows you to be responsible only for services that you used. It also prevents others from using services without you knowing.

If you’re moving to a new home within the same area or city, you can even schedule your services to be connected before your move so that they are ready when you move in. If you wait until you have already moved in it can take a few days to a week or more in some cases to have technicians out to hookup cable and internet.

Failing to complete a change of address

If you do not submit a change of address with Canada Post 14 days prior to your move your mail may end up in the care of strangers. This can cause your personal and credit information to be compromised.

Not having insurance coverage

You can contact your homeowner or rental insurance company to ensure that you have insurance coverage during your move.

This provides you with comfort and security knowing that should your personal property be damaged or lost during the move it will be covered for replacement.

Not completing proper move out procedures

Individuals that are renting their current residence are generally required to complete a final inspection checklist with their landlord. It is in your best interests to do this as this provides a definitive account that cannot be disputed as to the condition of the premises when you move out.

Damages to the property can happen by trespassers or new tenants following your departure from the home. This can be blamed on you if your landlord does not witness the move out condition with you and may cause the forfeiture of your damage or security deposit.

Forgetting to complete an inspection

It is necessary to report any problems with your property that is moved by a moving company within a certain amount of time if you want to file a claim.

An inspection of these items should be done before signing anything that the moving company may require after the transition is completed. This will prevent you from having a hard time collecting compensation for damaged or lost items that can occur during your relocation.

Remember moving doesn’t have to be as stressful as it sounds. This can be also thought of as an exciting time as it symbolizes a new chapter in your life. Proper planning will make things run a lot smoother. 

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