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Hidden Costs in Moving Houses

Think About the Moving Costs

For some people budgeting for a move can be a challenge.  The idea of setting aside or ‘saving up’ for a relocation can seem like a strange idea, but it can be a good idea to help avoid getting some additional unwanted debt on a moving day. Depending on your move, there will be different types of expenses. People sometimes forget to factor in these costs into the moving process. We will address

The first thing you’ll want to consider is transportation costs. Whether you are planning on hiring a moving service or do it yourself with cube van, you will have to spend money on transportation. If you get the route of doing it yourself moving van rental companies include extra costs depending on the distance of tour move, not to mention that you need to refill the truck or face some hefty surcharges for them to do it upon its return. Alternatively, a moving service will cost you more than hiring a moving truck yourself, but reputable companies an excellent customer service track record (such as Trans Canada Movers), you can relax knowing that your items will arrive safely and on time. This will eliminate extra stress around planning your move based around moving van availabilities.

Extra Costs Can Make a Difference

Depending on the type of dwelling you are moving to, there may be some extra moving costs associated with moving houses not related directly to transportation. If you are long distance moving to Vancouver, you may start off my renting, and there will almost always be some security deposit required. With the lack of affordability in the area, you may be relocating to an apartment or condo and there are likely extra charges such as move in fees, FOB rentals, parking spot fees and move-in damage deposits. While some of these building fees are refundable and are simply for insurance purposes, it can be a great relief to have budgeted for these expenses in advance that way you aren’t caught at the last minute doing an atm run or putting something unplanned on your credit card. Aside from these preliminary moving costs,  you are likely to find that there will be some associated secondary costs that you may not have taken into account before the move. Example, many times people are either upsizing or downsizing, so either buying new furniture to fill out individual spaces or getting rid of excess furniture that does not fit in this new space will likely to cost you more money.

While some people undoubtedly make the proper plans for these kinds of extra expenses, many people will fail to budget effectively to take into account all of these factors. We always emphasize that effective planning can make or break a move, so even in the case of effective planning, it’s always important to plan out your supposed costs. Trans Canada Movers has been helping families plan their moves for decades so feel free to contact with us for a free quote to help you budget for your upcoming relocation.

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