Moving from Canada to America

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    moving from Canada to America

    Moving from Canada to America

    If you are moving from Canada to America you want to read this.

    An exciting part of any life is finding yourself presented with new opportunities. When you work with the team at TransCanada Movers you will gain the confidence of having dedicated professionals working their hardest to ensure that your move from Canada to the USA is as simple and enjoyable as it can and should be. We’ve worked with thousands who have embarked on this incredible journey and are prepared to offer you the assistance that adds you to our list of satisfied customers. After all, we want you to be able to tell others that may follow in your footsteps that the process doesn’t have to be a headache.

    Now then, let’s get down to some of the important aspects to consider when you’re moving from the Great White North to the Land of the Free.

    1) Do You Have A Social Security Number?

    Because there’s a good chance that you’re moving to the United States for work we would definitely place having a Social Security Number (SSN) set up to be a priority one on your list. It’s not a difficult process but all the same, it may take as much a month for you to get through the various hoops and over bureaucratic hurdles and receive your SSN. If you haven’t had a chance to look into it, we definitely suggest changing gears and speaking to your employer or government officials to put this process in motion as quickly as possible.

    2) Ensure You Have Official Documentation

    Now, this may seem like a rather obvious point (and really, it’s not the first on our list because we want to generalize here a bit), but it’s a good idea to make a list of all the documents you will need for this move. Focus on the application for Work Visas, Green Cards, medical histories, insurance details, and so on. Please take note that some of these important documents can take as much as 60-90 days to process (and potentially more), so take a deep breath and start getting organized for your new country!

    3) Remember To Organise Your Mailing Address

    Again, this may seem a little obvious but all the same – be sure that you have corresponded with officials at Canada Post to have your mailing address changed. With your new US address and your SSN, you will be able to establish a bank account, connect bills, and generally get yourself acclimated to your new world.

    5) Driver’s License and Car Insurance

    If you have a vehicle you’re bringing along with you to the USA you’re going to want to be sure you have insurance that is covering you. With the details, we’ve covered before this isn’t going to be a very difficult process, however, if may make sense for you to consider getting an International Driver’s License. They can be acquired at your provincial driving authority for a small fee and are good for use for up to a year. However, even before the year is finished you will likely find it makes sense to go to the DMV in the State you’re living in and exchange your Canadian license for an American one. Alongside these points, it may make sense to look into importing your car if you are not planning on driving it across the border.

    6) Find the Right Health Insurance Coverage

    Travel insurance may cover you for a while after you’ve moved, but it’s a great idea to look into getting health insurance as soon as possible. This will protect you and your family against the possibility of expensive medical bills if you happen to become ill or require medical attention. Again, these are simple ideas that we hope to give you some directions to explore and some actionable that aim to make your transition from Canada to the USA a practical, simple, and enjoyable experience.

    Reach out to our team at TransCanada Movers for quotes, details, and the results you deserve from a modern moving company that takes the time to connect with our clients. This ensures you get the rewarding experience that keeps you and your personal belongings safe and secure from one home to the next! Start working with us today!

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