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What Matters Most When Moving?

Checklist for your next move

Relocation Checklist

Relocation Checklist



What matters the most when moving? This relocation checklist can help.
When moving to a new home, getting organized is critical. Fortunately, online you can find countless timelines and relocation checklists to help you prepare for your move. What if you are short on time? Need to prioritize the most important tasks to be accomplished prior to the big day? Below are five relocation checklist items that are most important in the moving process:



1. Hire a moving service company.

Professional movers like Trans Canada Movers take a lot of the stress out of moving. By assisting with everything from packing to loading, unloading and transporting your items. Research a moving company you decide to hire in advance. Interview several businesses and get in-home estimates from at least three. You should be done your research and have hired movers approximately eight weeks before moving day, according to our relocation checklist.

2. Inform people you’re moving.

Tell your friends and family when the timing feels right. But approximately six weeks before you move, start to inform institutions, your bank and post office, You should also now be advising offices like your children’s school, your doctors, etc.

3. Arrange transportation.

You no need to decide how you are planning to get to your new home, Are your driving or flying? If you intend to fly, hiring a moving company like TCM to ship your car across the country is recommended. If you plan to drive, hotels should be booked as needed during the travel.

4. Purchase packing supplies.

If you are planning to hire a moving company, you can skip this step. If you intend on doing it yourself purchase boxes, bubble wrap, labels, and tape plus any other supplies you’ll need do it at least four weeks before moving day.

5. Get your entire family ready for the move.

Kids can have a harder time understanding the reasons behind your impending move. They may be losing friends and changing schools. Letting them ask questions, answer them as best your can. Getting them excited by giving them individual responsibilities, like packing their own room can make then feel like a part of the process.

Use these important relocation checklist items to plan your move. Trans Canada Movers has 35 years experience and can help you make this time of change stress-free and possibly (dare we say it) exciting.

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