Things Movers Cannot Move

Some Surprising Items Can be Found on the No-Move List

If you’ve ever changed the location of your home base, you know that professional movers can make the difference between a smooth move and an exceptionally stressful experience. From packing to careful transportation and delivery, choosing to hire a reputable moving company gives you the peace of mind that comes with putting your possessions in the hands of professionals. But did you know that there are some items movers can’t transport? Read on to find out more about what movers can’t move.

Things Movers won’t Move -The Usual Suspects

Moving gives you a fantastic opportunity to sort through any clutter and get rid of items you’re not using. When sorting through your things before a move, you’ll want to make sure these items end up on the “donate, dispose of, or give away” list:

Movers won’t move – Hazardous Materials

This might sound like a pretty clear-cut restriction, but it’s actually not as straightforward as it seems! Aside from obviously dangerous items like fireworks, other explosives, ammunition, and weapons, many common household products are also considered hazardous materials, and can’t be transported by movers.

Anything flammable like paint, varnish, paint thinner, corrosives, gasoline, kerosene, oil, lighter fluid, propane tanks, heavy-duty cleaning fluids and chemicals, and even everyday products such as batteries, nail polish, and nail polish remover are considered risky to transport. Pressurized containers like aerosol cans, fire extinguishers, and oxygen tanks are also on the “can’t be moved” list, due to a risk of explosion.

To help ensure all of your boxes make it safely onto the moving truck, consider this guideline when packing: If an item can easily catch fire, or it’s under pressure, it’s best to give it away or safely dispose of it.

Separate out Perishable Items

Perishable food items like meats, produce, dairy products, previously opened containers, and frozen food can’t be safely transported in a moving truck, especially if you’re moving a long distance. Since moving trucks aren’t equipped with refrigeration units, perishable food items will spoil quickly, causing exceptionally unpleasant odours. Spoiled food can also cause damage to other items in the truck due to condensation, mold, and fungus. It’s best to use up or give away any perishable products before a move. A pre-moving dinner party is a fun and easy way to use up perishable items!

Plants don’t like long distance moves

Like perishable food items, live plants can’t survive a long-distance move unscathed. If you don’t want to leave your plants behind, it’s best to transport them with you. However, if you’re moving out of Canada, crossing the border with live plants can be challenging. Plants often require special forms and must undergo quarantine periods, which can mean extra time, money, and hassle.

Items that are attached to special Memories and are Irreplaceable

Documents and Photos

Professional movers work hard to take excellent care of your belongings, but it’s always a good idea to transport irreplaceable items yourself. Things like financial documents, family photos, wills, passports, medical records, and other irreplaceable paperwork can’t be shipped with the rest of your household goods. Instead, keep these documents in a folder or briefcase, and take them with you wherever you go.

Jewelry and Currency

Although professional movers are insured, transporting certain valuables can greatly increase liability, which means many moving companies won’t transport them. Jewelry, currency, stocks, bonds, and things like coin and stamp collections should always stay with you during a move. Using a small safe or locked box is an easy way to ensure your valuables make it safely to your new home.

Medication and medical devices

Medications are an interesting category since things that are over the counter in one country might be prescription in another or even disallowed. For this reason, we strongly suggest you check in advance if you have special medicine and keep your supply with you. Devices like blood pressure machines etc are best kept out of the truck too, particularly on long moves.

By following this simple guide and learning what professional movers can and can’t transport, you’ll save time, money, and most importantly, hassle during your next move! If you’ve got questions about the transportation of any specific items, or want to learn more about our services, get touch with Trans Canada Movers today!

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