Moving from Vancouver to Toronto

Moving from Vancouver to Toronto

So, you’ve decided to make the move from Vancouver to Toronto – congratulations! While Vancouver and Toronto are both world-class Canadian cities, they’re extremely different places to live and visit. Trans Canada Movers has been relocating people just like you from the West to the East Coast for years; here are our top tips for moving from Vancouver to Toronto.

How Vancouver and Toronto Compare to One Another

While Vancouver and Toronto have different vibes and energies, there are some big similarities you’ll notice between the two cities. Here are some other notable shifts that you’ll notice after your move:

  • The high cost of living. Don’t expect to find a cheap place to live in Toronto easily; the cost of living is quite high, just like Vancouver. You’ll be paying a bit more for food, housing, and other necessities. However, your move doesn’t have to break the bank; there are more good deals than you’d expect.
  • Many students. Toronto is a university town. From Ryerson to York, to U of T to the many smaller schools, Toronto is an incredible place for students. If you’ve always considered going back to school, there are so many places to further your education in the city.
  • Multicultural. One of the best things about Vancouver is the variety of cultures you’ll find in the city, and you won’t be missing that after your cross-country move. Toronto is truly a cultural mosaic, with residents of many different backgrounds. People immigrate from all over the world to settle in Toronto. The result is a vibrant city with amazing cuisines and fun celebrations abound.

What You’ll Love About Living in Toronto

There’s a reason that Toronto is Canada’s most populous city – there is so much to love about living there. Some of our favourite things about living in Toronto are:

  • Natural Beauty. While lots of people picture Toronto as a massive cityscape, there are so many opportunities to get outside. Enjoy the various parks, beaches, and outdoor activities that this city has to offer.
  • Sports! For sports fans or even those who just love the bustling atmosphere, Toronto is the place to see amazing teams play. Enjoy the Toronto Blue Jays for baseball, the Maple Leafs for your hockey fix, or cheer on the Raptors for basketball.
  • Festivals. Due to being a multicultural city, Toronto has some of the best street festivals around. The Toronto Caribbean Carnival is renowned for its celebration of Caribbean culture and dance. The Toronto International Film Festival shows some of the best in both Canadian and international cinema, drawing in some big-name celebrities each fall. Music lovers will have no shortage of summer events to go to, with notable festivals such as Field Trip and WayHome.
  • Incredible Food. Another benefit of Toronto’s size and multiculturalism is the fact that you can taste some of the best food in Canada. Enjoy cuisines from all over the world, from street food to five-star restaurants, and don’t forget to check out the ever-growing craft beer scene.

Good Neighborhoods in Toronto

Toronto is described as a ‘city of neighbourhoods’. It’s more than just a downtown core surrounded by sleepy suburbs. You can find an area that has everything you need with a unique vibe. While Toronto has over 140 neighbourhoods, here are some to consider in the move from Vancouver.

  • Cabbagetown: Cabbagetown makes you feel like you’ve stepped back in time, with gorgeous older buildings and a friendly community feeling. Enjoy some of Cabbagetown’s incredible food and unique little coffee shops, relax in some of the abundant green spaces, and check out Riverdale Farm – a working farm in the middle of Toronto!
  • The Junction: If you thrive in places that are hip and trendy, why not consider an apartment in the Junction? This up and coming area is filled with hipster shopping and cuisine and provides everything that you need with a relaxed atmosphere. This is a great area for young families who still want to remain central.
  • Kensington Market: One of the most visited areas in Toronto, this artistic neighbourhood is a central place to live, with transit access anywhere in the city. However, with its affordable grocers, delicious food, and pedestrian-friendly vibe, why would you want to leave?
  • Scarborough: If you prefer a quieter, more suburban lifestyle, Scarborough is one of the largest suburbs in Toronto which is an incredible place to raise your family. Scarborough hosts many beautiful parks and green spaces, making it a breath of fresh air outside of the city. However, you can easily get to downtown Toronto via bus or subway from Scarborough if you want to feel that hustle and bustle on your own terms.

Best Moving Company Vancouver to Toronto

Moving cities is exciting, but it can seem overwhelming. Trans Canada Movers is here to make it easier for you. We’ve been helping people relocate free of stress for years. From tiny studios to large houses, we’ll quickly and efficiently get your belongings where they need to be. Focus on being excited about your move and let us take care of the rest – contact us here or give us a call at 1-888-433-1335.

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