Moving to Detroit

Moving to Detroit

Moving to Detroit, whether for work or for personal reasons, is a big step. If you’re coming from Toronto, you’re going to notice some major differences. Detroit has a smaller population than Toronto, though it’s still a bustling city, and you’ll definitely want a vehicle to get around. When you’re ready to get moving, let Trans Canada Movers help make the process as easy as possible for you.

If you are coming from Toronto or another part of Canada, you’ll need to have the proper documentation ready for your border crossing. We’ve also got a helpful guide for moving from Canada to the USA for you to help prepare. Of course, your ultimate guide to Detroit is right here, so keep reading to find out more about Detroit and get excited about your upcoming move. 

Why Move to Detroit?

Whatever your initial reason for moving to Detroit, here are some great things about the city to look forward to when you’re settling in.

  • Community Matters. If you love the idea of knowing who your neighbours are, even the ones down the block, you’ll love Detroit. As a community-focused city, Detroit has one of the highest rates of volunteerism in the country, not to mention a rich history of neighbours coming together to get community initiatives done.
  • Innovation. Detroit is one of the top 10 innovative hubs in America, including in the tech and life sciences sectors. It’s also got a thriving startup community if the idea of working at or developing your own startup is something you’re into.
  • Adventure Time. Does your ideal weekend involve being active outdoors? If so, Detroit boasts miles upon miles of public hiking trails, close proximity to lakes for kayaking and other water sports, and the nation’s largest city park, Belle Isle Park. 
  • All Four Seasons. Especially if you’re coming from Toronto, you might be happy to know that the climate doesn’t change much between the two cities. While it means you won’t escape winter, you also won’t have to get acclimatized or buy a whole new wardrobe.


Best Areas to Live in Detroit

There are some great areas to live in Detroit, though unfortunately “South Detroit” is not among them as that would actually be Windsor, Ontario. Nevertheless, here are some great Detroit neighbourhoods to satisfy even the now disappointed Journey fans.

  • Sherwood Forest is home to two subdivisions—Sherwood Forest Manor and Sherwood Forest—not Robin Hood, sorry. This area is full of gorgeous homes from the 1920s and 1930s and has close access to parks and an enviable 20-minute-or-less commute to Downtown.
  • Jefferson-Chalmers is a neighbourhood right along the rest of the Detroit River in the eastern part of the city. Here you will find ranch homes, mansions, 100-year-old brick roads, and Alfred Brush Ford Park.
  • West Village is on the National Register of Historic Places and boasts architectural styles such as Queen Anne, Tudor, Colonial Revival, and Mediterranean Revival. Oddly enough, West Village is located on Detroit’s east side.
  • Gold Coast offers Detroit residents a dense urban feel and lots of parks to explore. It’s also located directly across the Detroit River from Belle Isle Beach.


Locals’ Favourite Things About Living in Detroit

Once you’ve figured out where you want to live and lined up a new job (or moved for your current one) you’re probably wondering what there is to do in your free time. We’ve compiled a helpful list of ideas to get you started here.

  • Check out the Eastern Market for fresh produce and meats, live music, and a vibe like no other.
  • Tour the architecture. As noted in our neighbourhood recommendations, there are a lot of gorgeous architectural styles to look at. Learn the history of Detroit through its architecture and see more of the city while you’re at it.
  • Discover a Coney dog. If you like hot dogs, this one is a must-try. It’s topped with chili sauce, white onions, and yellow mustard.
  • Take in some art with the Detroit Institute of the Arts. Residents of Detroit get free admission to over 100 galleries at the DIA in midtown—one of the largest collections in the country.


Make Your Move With Trans Canada Movers

Moving to Detroit? Let us help make that move smooth with our expert long distance moving services. We are well versed in cross border moves and can assist you with every aspect of your move from ensuring that your paperwork is properly filled out to unloading your boxes and furniture into the correct rooms of your new home.

Contact us to get started making your move to Detroit. Be sure to check out our Moving Calculator to request a custom quote for anything you plan on moving with you. 

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