Moving to Indianapolis from Canada

Indianapolis, the “Crossroads of America” aptly named for its relatively central location within the United States and the plethora of thoroughfares running through it. Many might consider Indianapolis to be the perfect blend of big city culture with the speed and friendliness of a small town. With a little under a million people living in Indianapolis, the city is starting to take off in a tech boom, drawing young professionals and families to the area. If you’re thinking of joining their ranks and contemplating a move to Indianapolis from Canada, keep reading to find out all the great reasons to call Indianapolis home with this helpful guide.

Why Move to Indianapolis

Indianapolis or, more affectionately, Indy, is known for the world-renowned Indianapolis 500 race that is held every May. But beyond that, what do you really know about Indy? We’ve listed a few reasons why you should make the move below.

  • A four-season climate. Many parts of the country do not get to experience the rich variety of all four seasons in a year. Here in Indianapolis, the summers are hot, the winters are cold, and spring and autumn and beautiful. The one caveat is that during transitional seasons you’ll want to pack for a variety of weather conditions as things could change without warning. This is easily solved by packing a jacket and perhaps an umbrella when you head out for the day.
  • Perfect for sports fans. As one of the biggest sports cities in America, Indianapolis has teams for the NFL and NBA and even boasts the NCAA headquarters. The sports stadiums are located close together and are extremely walkable which makes for a nice night out when you add dinner and a post-game drink or two to your event.
  • Farm-to-table goodness. While most major cities will boast a booming food scene, Indianapolis has the rare advantage of being in the middle of some of the most rural land in the country, which brings with it the benefit of being truly farm-to-table for fresh, local meat and produce. Restaurants in the city are able to support small local farms while attracting customers with food that is less or not at all processed. Indianapolis also has over a hundred small farms within or just outside the city limits producing smaller quantities of food while using sustainable farming techniques. 
  • Experience the home of literary greats. While Indianapolis might be a major sports city, it’s also home to some of America’s legendary writers. Modern writers like John Green and Dan Wakefield currently call the city home, while Kurt Vonnegut, Mari Evans, and Booth Tarkington once travelled the city streets. Grab a copy of Welcome To The Monkey House and find a spot in the city to spend the day reading.

The Best Areas to Live in Indianapolis

There are many options when it comes to finding the best places to live in Indianapolis, depending on whether you want an apartment or a house, a quiet suburban street or the hustle and bustle of city life. We’ve outlined a selection of options for you here.

  • Downtown is perfect for the “bright lights, big city” feel. With luxury apartments in high-rise apartments, you’ll have easy access to favourite foodie hotspots if you’re willing to splash out for them. If you’re already working downtown, your daily commute is almost non-existent and everything is walkable. 
  • Bates-Hendricks is a growing neighbourhood that is a great option if you’re looking for low home prices, easy interstate access, and a short commute downtown. It’s also a great area if you’re looking to go car-free thanks to its excellent bike lanes.
  • Fountain Square with its picturesque name has a small-town feel within the big city. A haven for artsy types, Fountain Square boasts the Murphy Art Center as well as local restaurants with varying cuisines to keep your tastebuds happy.
  • Broad Ripple is a mix of single-family bungalows and smaller, older apartments and lofts. There are also many local businesses and local gift shops as well as unique restaurants and breweries and the Indy CD & Vinyl Record Shop.

What Locals Love About Indianapolis

Sports, fresh food, and all four seasons are quite the draw to bring newcomers to Indianapolis, but what do the locals have to say about the city? Here’s a helpful sample of things locals love about Indianapolis to help you settle in.

Indianapolis is the host city of Gen Con, a table-top game convention started by Dungeons & Dragons co-creator Gary Gygax that celebrates all things board games and role-playing games. It is a major tourist draw and the largest and longest-running table-top game convention in North America.

Flat roads might not sound like much of a reason to love a city, but residents of Indianapolis are grateful for the lack of inclines when it comes to running and cycling. With three primary trails running through downtown to the east and the north as well as two state parks for trail running on the outskirts of the city, there are plenty of options for exercise.

Finally, there’s a substantial music scene across many genres in Indianapolis. From venues for jazz and blues such as the Slippery Noodle Inn and the Chatterbox Jazz Club to the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra at the Hilbert Circle Theatre, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy live music in the city. If punk, rock, and alternative are more your scene, you’ll be able to catch local and touring bands at the HI-FI Indy.

Make Your Move to Indianapolis with Us

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