Moving to Oakland

When the golden beaches of sunny California start calling your name to relocate, you might not let your mind wander to the option of choosing to move to Oakland. However, not checking out this vibrant city would be a disservice to you and anyone you’re moving with. With a rich culture unlike any of the other cities in the Bay Area, Oakland has a lot to offer its residents. 

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Keep reading to discover why moving to Oakland might become the best decision you’ll make when you’re ready to relocate to California.

Why Move to Oakland, CA?

Oakland is actually a lot larger than you might think. In fact, it’s the third-largest city in the Bay Area after San Jose and San Francisco. There’s a unique character to each area in this multicultural city and it arguably has the best weather and parks in the Bay Area. Below are some excellent reasons why you should move to Oakland.

  • Location, Location, Location. Oakland has, in short, a perfect commute. Connected to San Francisco via the SF-Oakland Bay Bridge and the ultra-convenient BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) system, some say Oakland has easier access to downtown San Francisco than many neighbourhoods in San Francisco itself. It’s also really close to Berkeley for anyone attending university there. What’s more, Oakland drivers don’t have to deal with the traffic jams and bottlenecks of other major cities. It’s even said that driving through downtown Oakland is peaceful. Can you imagine?
  • Easy Access to Nature. Lake Merritt is located in the heart of the city for residents to enjoy easy access to a slice of green space. Redwoods Regional Park is also just a few minutes outside of the city centre, offering trails for hiking and biking without the need to travel far. There’s also Chappell Hayes Observation Tower for incredible views surrounded by trails, coves, and picnic spots. 
  • Always Something Happening. Nearly every month in Oakland is a festival. From January’s Oakland A’s Fanfest for sports fans to February’s Black Joy Parade celebrating the Black community and August’s Chinatown Street Festival offering delicious food, lantern-making lesions, and Japanese Taiko drumming, there’s something for everyone, every month. There’s also First Fridays, a monthly community celebration of chefs, musicians, dancers, and artists on Telegraph Avenue from West Grand to 27th Street.
  • Delicious Eats. We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the fantastic food scene as a reason worth moving to Oakland. As San Francisco gets a little too pricey for young and upcoming chefs to open a restaurant, many making the move to Oakland and setting up shop. You can find any cuisine your heart desires in the city, including many vegan and vegetarian options. From ramen to smoked bbq and cornbread, Jamaican to Cajun and Mexican, there is something for everyone’s tastes to be found on the Oakland food scene.

The Best Areas to Live in Oakland

Oakland is home to an eclectic mix of many diverse micro-neighbourhoods. Here are some of the best ones to consider moving to, depending on what you’re looking for and who is coming with you:

  • Montclair is typically for families with highly rated schools and lots to keep you busy. From the Montclair Egg Shop to the Robert Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve and the Chabot Space & Science Center, this neighbourhood will keep you and your family well entertained. There are also many local shops to explore as Oakland is all about supporting local businesses. 
  • Upper Rockridge is also great for families with good schools and even better neighbours. However, it’s also an excellent choice for professionals on both ends of the spectrum. Whether you’re looking to expand your network or planning to retire soon, you’ll find plenty of activities to keep you occupied and help facilitate making friends with mutual interests. 
  • Oakmore offers residents some blissful peace and quiet at the end of a busy work week. This neighbourhood is located at the bottom of the Oakland Hills at the north end of the Dimond district and southeast of Montclair. It’s also considered one of the most walkable areas in the city.

More to Know About Oakland

Now that you have a better idea about what Oakland is like and what neighbourhoods to check out, there are just a few things left to know about Oakland before you make the trip. Think of it as some fun facts and a little taste of what to expect when moving to Oakland.

  • Dog lovers rejoice, Oakland is extremely dog friendly. Your beloved pooch will feel right at home and make many friends at the many dog friendly parks and walking areas around the city. 
  • Did you know that not only does MC Hammer hail from Oakland (specifically Oaktown), he’s also an official spokesperson for the city through his songs and videos expressing his love for the city.  
  • Artists and creators will love the creative community of Oakland. From beautified city trash cans to murals and other forms of urban art, local artists are constantly adding beauty to the city. There’s also plenty of art collectives and spaces to flex one’s creativity. 
  • In keeping with the city’s creativity, mysterious gnome houses and decorative doors have popped up all over the city on utility poles and tree trunks. No one seems to know where they came from and no one cares, either. 
  • As mentioned earlier, Oakland residents love to shop local. The community places a large emphasis on supporting small businesses through the Sustainable Business Alliance. Great news if you’ve got an idea for a business brewing.

Make Your Move with Trans Canada Movers

Moving to Oakland is easy when you work with Trans Canada Movers. We’ll help take some of your stress off your plate, lighten your to do list, and ensure your household is properly packed, safely stowed, and ready to make the trip down the Californian coast. We’ve got years of experience helping Canadians make the move to California and will ensure your move is as efficient and smooth as possible.

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