Moving to San Francisco From Vancouver, BC

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San Francisco, The Golden City, is right at your fingertips. Maybe it is the city’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge that drew you in. It expands 1.7 miles (almost 3 kilometers, if you are still thinking in metric) and is the city’s most photographed site. The city is known for its iconic cable cars, Golden Gate Park, and Alcatraz Island. If you’ve left your heart in San Francisco and have decided to make the move there permanently, Trans Canada Movers can help! 

Moving is stressful and confusing; add the complexity of moving across the border and it can feel overwhelming. Trans Canada Movers is perfectly equipped to support trans-continental moves such as this to ensure that your move goes as smoothly as can be. Of course, you’ll want to be certain that you’ve filled out all of the documentation you’ll need for a cross-border move and have reviewed the guide for moving from Canada to the USA before you get started. Once that’s out of the way, you are in the clear to focus on the more exciting elements of your move.


Why Move to San Francisco?

It’s a given that San Francisco is one of the most desirable places to live in America right now. Being just steps away from Silicon Valley and the booming tech sector makes for an exciting place to live. There’s also a world class food scene and ample opportunities to stay active while enjoying the outdoors. Here are some of the reasons you’ll love living in San Francisco.

  • The Weather. Unlike the rest of California, San Francisco boasts incredibly mild weather. In fact, the city ranges from 50 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit on average during the year. San Francisco is also notoriously foggy; however, it does tend to burn off during the day and it’s a small price to pay for a city that is naturally air conditioned. 
  • The Food. Satisfy every food craving you’ve ever had and even some you didn’t know you had with an endless list of eateries. From mouth-watering bakeries to the Saturday farmer’s market behind the Ferry Building, San Francisco is a city for those who love food. And let’s not forget coffee, which is more of a life-affirming experience than a simple caffeine fix in this city.
  • The Diversity. San Francisco has a minority-majority population and is considered a global community. The city is also known as the birthplace of gay rights and the 60s counterculture movement. No matter what culture, background, or scene you are from, you’ll fit right in in San Francisco.
  • The Career Opportunities. The biggest influx of people moving to San Francisco these days are coming for a career in the technology sector. Being neighbours with Silicon Valley has its perks with high-paying tech jobs that attract global talent. If you’re moving to San Francisco for a new job, you’re in good company. 


The Best Areas to Live in San Francisco

There are approximately 70 neighbourhoods in San Francisco, though no one is certain as it is the only American city where residents don’t know the exact number. Here are a few neighbourhoods you’ll want to consider for your move.

  • Pacific Heights is one of the top neighbourhoods for quality of life. Living here will get you unbelievable views of the coast, bridge, island, and the Presidio—a major outdoor recreation hub. You’ll also have access to luxurious restaurants, boutiques, and great schools.
  • Noe Valley is in the central part of the city. Over the years it has transformed from a working-class area to a more upscale district for professionals. The proximity to the Twin Peaks—the two highest hills overlooking the city (after Mount Davidson)—provides the Noe Valley with a sunny and warm microclimate.
  • Sunset District boasts the Pacific Coast on the western border and has a population of more than 95,000 in the neighbourhood. There are 3 sub-neighbourhoods that include Central Sunset, Outer Sunset, and Inner Sunset—a popular area because of the many job opportunities for newcomers.
  • Marina on the oceanic coast is named for the municipal boat marina located there. The popular Chestnut Street is a destination for shopping, eating out, and vibrant nightlife. Another main sight of Marina is the Palace of Fine Arts.


Things Worth Knowing About Life in San Francisco

 There are many aspects of San Francisco that make it a unique and special city to live in. You’ll surely discover all of them in time, so for now, here are a few key pieces of information worth knowing about your new city.

  • San Francisco has its own unique microclimate that can vary from street to street and neighbourhood to neighbourhood. Locals recommend wearing at least 3 layers daily.
  • The infamous San Francisco fog has a name. Karl the Fog is so popular, he has his own Twitter account. Some locals even have costumes so they can dress up as Karl the Fog.
  • Locals love to dress up. Whether they’re dressing up like Karl the Fog to celebrate the end of the yearly Bay to Breakers race or it’s a random Saturday night, most locals have a dedicated costume box at home.
  • The view from Dolores Park is breathtaking. A top tip is to pick up a sandwich from Ike’s Place and bring it to the park for a picnic. From here, you’ll get an amazing view of downtown San Francisco with the Bay behind and the palm trees on Dolores street in front. Talk about picture perfect.    

Make Your Move to San Francisco with Trans Canada Movers

There are a lot of things to take into consideration when preparing for a long-distance move, especially when you’re moving to another country. Take some of the stress away and hire Trans Canada Movers to ensure your move is a smooth one. We’ve got years of experience with cross-border moves and will help you move your life from Canada over to San Francisco as efficiently as possible. Let us take care of the moving logistics while you shift your focus towards all the opportunities you’ll have in San Francisco. 

Contact Trans Canada Movers to get started with your move. For budget inquiries, check out our Moving Calculator or request a custom quote from us today! 


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