Moving to Washington DC

Moving to Washington DC: What You Need to Know

Are you ready to make the move to an exciting city with history, character, and energy? Moving to Washington DC, whether you’re coming over the border from Canada or making a long-distance move across the United States, is a thrilling decision. Washington DC is a big, storied city offering endless opportunities for young people and families alike.

Let us help you with the essential information you need before your move to Washington DC. This guide will tell you what to expect from life in Washington and what the city has to offer for new arrivals, whether you are just starting your career or making the move with your family in tow.

Life in Washington, DC

Life in Washington DC is unlike that which you’ll find in any other East Coast city. Here are some of the unique things you can look forward to after settling into life in America’s capital.

  • Washington DC is, without a doubt, a government town. You won’t forget that you’re living in the same place as the President of the United States, amongst others. Many of those who you’ll meet either work for the government or work alongside the government in organizations like non-profits. You’ll get used to meeting people with unique, and often fundamentally important, roles every day.
  • Washington DC isn’t a hipster paradise like New York or Portland. Being the nation’s capital has made it quite a formal place; you’re unlikely to find an office where jeans and sneakers are the norm. While DC might seem slightly stuffier than your hometown, there is still plenty of fun and excitement to experience.
  • One of the best things about Washington DC is experiencing the seasons. Each season is distinct and offers natural beauty – get ready for hot summers, snowy winters, and gorgeous autumn leaves. In the spring, DC has a stunning cherry blossom season, brightening up the city with pink petals.
  • If you’re a history buff, you’ll revel in the endless monuments to American history throughout the city. The Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and the Thomas Jefferson Memorial are just a few of the iconic pieces you’ll get to experience throughout the city.
  • Washington DC has an excellent transit system. The Metrorail is reliable and efficient, connecting Washington DC to the surrounding areas in Virginia and Maryland. Get used to taking the train, especially if you’re living outside of the city centre; auto traffic is notoriously terrible.
  • While there is much to love about living in Washington DC, it comes with a price. Washington DC is known for its high cost of living, which is something to brace yourself for when looking for housing or seeking a new job after arriving.

Moving to Washington DC after College

Many people choose to relocate to Washington DC after college or when making a career change; with many people in their 20s and 30s living in the capital, you will be surrounded by young and ambitious energy.

Some of the things that career-driven millennials and Gen Zs love most about living in Washington DC include:

  • The bar and restaurant scene. Enjoy cuisines from all around the world and refreshing craft beer at the plethora of different eateries throughout the city. Whether you enjoy fancy restaurants, vegan food, or cheap eats, you’ll have multiple delicious options. Happy hour is a way of life here, so be prepared to get acquainted with the local beers and craft cocktails at your new watering holes. Check out the Eater DC for the most up-to-date information.
  • Weekend getaways. Washington DC borders Virginia and Maryland and is a train ride away from exciting cities like New York, Philadelphia, and Boston. Get out of town for the weekend to another bustling city, or enjoy some time in nature before the work week begins – the marvels of the East coast are at your fingertips.
  • Live music. Washington DC has an incredible arts scene and live music is worth paying the cover for. From unique jazz clubs, to rock shows at night clubs, you’ll be able to catch your favourite bands alongside up-and-coming local talent.
  • Quirky neighbourhoods. It isn’t all government buildings, monuments, and Capital Hill townhouses. There are many unique areas with exciting nightlife and public art throughout Washington DC. One of our favorites is H Street – enjoy boutique shopping, funky bars, a best-in-class farmer’s market, and the H Street Festival for the best in art and food each year.

Moving to Washington DC with a Family

Some of you may be relocating to Washington DC with your family. While you can most certainly enjoy all the food, neighbourhoods, and music mentioned above, there are certain parts of DC that especially fun to share with your children. It is worth noting that Washington DC has an excellent school system, so your kids will be receiving a top-notch education in their new home.

On the weekends, you can look forward to the following perks:

  • Free museums. That’s right. Museums and Art in Washington DC are some of the best in the country and are totally free, meaning your family could easily visit a new museum each weekend. We especially recommend the Smithsonian museums, like the National Museum of Natural History – dinosaur bones anyone?
  • Green spaces. Stunning parks and gardens await you and allow for your family to make the most of the gorgeous seasonal changes – the 4 seasons mean that your favourite park may look totally different throughout the year. Enjoy lunch at a food truck at Franklin Square Park, have a relaxing picnic at Montrose Park, or enjoy the butterfly gardens in the Smithsonian Butterfly Pavilion.
  • Eat something sweet. Treat the family to a delectable dessert after your museum visits – Washington DC is known as one of the best places to pick up a delicious cupcake. Georgetown Cupcake is the most famous, but locals swear by Baked and Wired Why not try both and decide for yourself?

International Moving to Washington DC

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