Moving from Seattle to Vancouver, BC

Relocating From Seattle to Vancouver, BC

So, you’ve made the decision to move from Seattle to Vancouver. Whether you’re starting a new job, moving to be closer to family, or just decided it was time for a change of scenery – Congratulations! You’re starting out in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Vancouver is renowned for its natural beauty – you can hike a mountain in the morning and hit the beach in the afternoon. Vancouver is one of the best places in the world you could move to.

Trans Canada Movers is proud to call Vancouver our home base, and we love to help make your move to this beautiful city as easy as possible. Some of our top tips for your move to Vancouver from Seattle are listed below:

Prepare your paperwork.

  • Vancouver might just be a couple of hours drive from Seattle, but there are special exceptions that must be made when you’re moving over the border. You want to make sure that you have proper employment permits, healthcare coverage, and that you’re following all regulations when you move into the country. (Trans Canada Movers can help you with this documentation.)

Plan for your living situation.

  • Vancouver is a popular location to move to. This has resulted in a high cost of living and a competitive housing market. Make sure that you begin looking for a place to live before you plan to move; it may take you a while to find the place of your dreams.
  • No matter where you move within the Greater Vancouver Area, Trans Canada Movers can easily and efficiently move your belongings into your new home.

Hire an experienced mover.

  • While you may be used to moving your items by yourself, a cross-border move can get complicated easily if it’s something you haven’t done before. Give yourself peace of mind by hiring Trans Canada Movers to take you from Seattle to Vancouver. With the most complicated part of your move to Canada taken care of, you’ll be able to focus on the excitement of moving.

About Trans Canada Movers

Our customers agree that Trans Canada Movers is the best choice for moving from Seattle to Vancouver. We specialize in moves over 100 kilometers, especially those between countries. We’ve seen it all and know how to execute a move so there are no additional surprises.

Trans Canada Movers does residential or commercial moves for any purpose. You know what you need from your move and we are prepared to give you the experience that you need. From moving studio apartments to relocating your head office and its employees, we can make your move work. There is no job too big or small!

You don’t need to worry about us simply picking things up and dropping them off. Some of our additional services include:

  • Storage: Sometimes you don’t have room for all of your most-loved belongings, or will arrive in your destination after your things do. Don’t fear! Trans Canada Movers offers storage situations in the cities that we move to; we don’t even charge fees for the first four weeks.
  • Packing: You have a lot on your plate before you move. Trans Canada Movers can affordably help you with packing and unpacking your things; we’ll do as much or as little packing as you need. We know how to handle your belongings with the care that they deserve so that they remain in the same condition upon reaching their new home.
  • Assembly and Disassembly: Having trouble removing that furniture from your home? Have a new piece that you need to put together? Trans Canada Movers can take care of that, too! We can help with any assembly and disassembly needs that might arise during a move.Are you ready to make your big move from Vancouver to Seattle? Contact Trans Canada Movers today to book your simple and efficient cross-border move.

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