Your Guide to Moving from Montreal To New York

Montreal and New York are both sprawling, cosmopolitan cities filled with art, culture, and more. Making the move from Montreal to New York can seem scary, but New York City has something for everybody. The Big Apple is one of the most exciting cities in the world; you’re in for a treat when you make the move from Montreal. Here is our guide for moving from Montreal to New York, including what to prepare for, more information about the Five Boroughs, and some of the best things about living in New York.

Things to Prepare for When Moving from Montreal to New York

Coming from Montreal, you’re used to living in a big city where there’s always something going on and culture around every corner. New York City offers the same things, but living in NYC will be totally different than your Montreal experience. Here are some of the things you should know and prepare for before you make your big move.

  • It’s expensive. There’s a big price tag that comes along with being from one of the most famous cities in the world. New York isn’t a cheap place to live, especially when it comes to apartments. Expect to have to pay an additional “brokers fee” on your apartment of choice, while renting a significantly smaller place for likely more money. However, if you’re willing to live in one of the outer boroughs, there are plenty of wonderful neighbourhoods that are far more affordable than Manhattan.
  • High taxes. Much like Montreal, New York City has high taxes on services and shopping. While there are great deals abound on food, restaurants, and necessities, remember to factor in that extra sales tax when you’re stocking up on groceries or treating yourself to a shopping spree.
  • You’ll need to move where you want to spend time. Many of us, when we think of New York, picture the Empire State Building and Times Square, full of hustle, bustle and those bright lights. However, when you’re moving to New York, it’s unlikely that you want to move to Times Square. New York is a city of neighbourhoods and you’ll want to live somewhere that is not only transit-accessible but is somewhere you will want to spend your time. Pick an area that feels comfortable and has plenty of amenities, be it great food or schools you’d like to send your children to.
  • You won’t need a car. The majority of New Yorkers don’t own a car. Why? Because the transit system is so good. The subway runs twenty-four hours a day, meaning the entire city that never sleeps is always at your fingertips. If you do need a car, hop into one of those iconic yellow taxi cabs or call an Uber; they’re always available.

Beyond moving to New York, a cross-border move has additional considerations that you need to review before moving to a new country. See all of our recommendations and tips for moving from Canada to the US here.

The Five Boroughs

We aren’t kidding when we say New York is sprawling. The Five Boroughs of New York aren’t five neighbourhoods; they’re almost five different cities, each with its own distinct flair and areas to visit or call home. The five boroughs are:

  • Manhattan. This is what you probably think of when you think of New York City. Times Square, Central Park, Broadway, the skyscrapers… This is where it all happens. Living in Manhattan is exciting, with more relaxed areas such as the Upper West Side and areas where the nightlife never stops, like Soho. However, it costs you to be at the centre of it all – this is the most expensive place to live in New York.
  • Brooklyn. Just over the Brooklyn Bridge, you’ll find a quieter but still bustling part of the city. Brooklyn has gained renown over the past few years as a Hipster paradise, with endless quirky spots to pick up a craft beer or check out some local art. Brooklyn is a great choice if you love the city life but at a slightly slower pace.
  • The Bronx. Baseball fan? The Bronx is the home of the Yankees, the birthplace of hip hop, and has green space abound. While this is definitely a sleepier area than Manhattan or Brooklyn, there’s a lot to love about the Bronx. Enjoy the vast amount of green space and take in Arthur Avenue, Little Italy of the Bronx.
  • Queens. Queens is the biggest of the five boroughs and probably the most relaxed. You’ll be able to live a bit of a quieter lifestyle if you relocate to Queens. This does not mean that you need to worry about getting bored; Queens is also the most diverse of the boroughs. This has led to absolutely delicious food culture.
  • Staten Island. The smallest borough is just a scenic ferry ride away from Manhattan. You’ll love this quaint, quiet and quirky borough with an amazing view of the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan. Don’t miss the botanical gardens or the chance to have some of New York’s best pizza at Pier 76.

Local Favourites

One of the best things about moving to a new city is finding your favourite things about living there. While there is so much to love about New York, here are some of the things that real New Yorkers appreciate the most.

  • The Pizza. According to New Yorkers, their pizza by the slice can’t be beat, even by New York Style places throughout the rest of the world. You can enjoy pizza at a high-end restaurant, but the best way to enjoy it is right off of the street.
  • Get whatever, whenever. New York is the city that never sleeps and it has everything. No matter what you need, at what time of day, you can get it. Whether that means Thai Food at 7 AM or heading down to your local bodega for a full grocery haul right after midnight, the world is at your fingertips.
  • Packed Days. You don’t need to choose one thing to do per day. It is totally do-able to head to a beach or Central Park for some outdoor time in the morning, hit up a world-class museum in the afternoon, and catch an off-Broadway show in the evening. New York has the best of everything in one accessible city.
  • Everyone comes here. No one will say no when you mention a trip to New York. Your friends and family from Montreal are going to want to come to visit, and you’ll get to play tour guide. Your favourite musical artists and travelling shows are no exception; everyone comes to New York on tour. The opportunity for experiences is endless.

Montreal to New York Moving Company

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