Moving from the United States to Canada

Things to consider if you are planning a move to Canada If you’re thinking about moving to the Great White North, you’ve got the right idea! You’ll find that working with our team at TransCanada movers is easy and professional; we will work our hardest to ensure that moving to Canada from the USA is […]

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Moving from Canada to America

If you are moving from Canada to America you want to read this. An exciting part of any life is finding yourself presented with new opportunities. When you work with the team at TransCanada Movers you will gain the confidence of having dedicated professionals working their hardest to ensure that your move from Canada to […]

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10 Tips for Your Long Distance Move

These handy tips will help make your Long Distance Move run smoother. Whether this is your first long distance move or you’ve become a bit of a veteran when it comes to uprooting yourself, there’s certainly a lot of important points you have to consider. Our team at TransCanada Movers is here to ensure you […]

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Things to Consider When Moving to a New Community

I’m Moving. How do I Find Out About My New Community? When you are moving to a new community, it is a time of excitement and change. However, whether you are moving across the city or the country, it can be difficult blending into new traditions and cultures of a new community. Leaving behind old friends […]

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Preparation and Moving with House Plants

Prepare your plants for moving When relocating households/offices it can be a difficult time for deciding firstly what plants to bring when moving and secondly how to transfer the plants in a sensitive manner. Problems that arise when moving plants in a long distance move mainly focus around temperature, light, space and shortage of water. […]

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Useful tips in packing for a move.

Packing Tips Proper packing is very important in order to minimize any damage that might occur during a move. We use professional, thick moving blankets to wrap all of the large items, such as furniture and appliances. We also provide professional packing services for an additional cost. For details, contact us. However, if you prefer […]

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5 Common Moving Mistakes That Cost You

There are many things you have to worry about when planning a move. Here are five common mistakes we see often enough that you need to remember to save your wallet and your sanity. Forgetting to contact service providers This can end up causing you to be on the hook paying for services that you […]

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Hidden costs in moving houses

Think about the moving costs For some people budgeting for a move can be a challenge.  The idea of setting aside or ‘saving up’ for a relocation can seem like a strange idea, but it can be a good idea to help avoid getting some additional unwanted debt on a moving day. Depending on your move, there […]

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